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Operation Control and Supervision

The General Manager shall exercise operational control over the following duties:

  1. Responsible for the overall operations of the Water District and general supervision of personnel;
  2. Plans, proposes and recommends policies, rules and regulations including budget for board action;
  3. Prepares agenda for board meeting;
  4. Directs the basic efforts of all personnel and operations towards achieving the water district’s goal and objectives within the established policies;
  5. Represents the water district as the Contract Monitoring Unit in all actions and undertakings.

The General Manager has the ultimate decision making authority in all matters affecting the interest of the water district.

The heads of the Administrative and Finance Divisions shall exercise operational control over the following duties:

  1. Evaluates finance and general services functions, including personnel management, procurement and security of the Water District properties and preparation of management reports;
  2. Prepares monthly Financial Statements including Annual Reports and Budget;
  3. Maintains accurate and up-to-date data/records on Water District’s operations and transactions;
  4. Keeps and maintain 201 File records;
  5. Prepares daily reports on cash inflow and cash outflow of the Water District’s fund;
  6. Maintains and updates cashbook from time to time reconciled with the bankbooks;
  7. Personnel recruitment, training and management;
  8. Administers working fund;
  9. Prepares Bank Reconciliation Statements;
  10. Prepares and submits reports required by COA

The Head of Water Maintenance or Engineering/Operations Section shall exercise operational control over the following duties:

  1. Maintain records of general field operations including testing and maintenance of various facilities and appurtenances;
  2. Schedules construction programs and ensures availability of equipment and materials for work completion;
  3. Conducts and implements safety programs in the performance of job orders;
  4. Establishes, supervises and conducts regular monitoring of pressure in transmission/distribution lines, flushing hydrants and blow-off valves;
  5. Maintains records of work accomplishment for the day such as installed service connections, reconnections, transfer of water meters/service lines, leak repairs, site inspection and other related water service requests;
  6. Responsible for the production scheduling and delivery of 24/7 safe, potable, and reliable water;
  7. Maintains accurate records as to daily production, equipment operation, machinery status, water level and pressure and pump flow rate;
  8. Establishes detailed maintenance schedules and safety programs for all production equipment and facilities; and
  9. Conducts regular check-up and monitoring of production equipment and facilities for their efficiency and reliability.
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